Backflow prevention testing

A backflow prevention device is a vital component of a water system on properties which include:

  • An irrigation system
  • Fire hose reels or hydrants
  • Machinery connected to the mains
  • Water outlets close to pollutants or chemicals
  • An underground rainwater tank with a mains water backup

A qualified plumber will assess the site’s risk of backflow to work out how it can be contained. Water meters smaller than 25mm already have a backflow prevention device installed, but those over 25mm will require a separate backflow device. To find out more about backflow prevention testing and to discover more about our dedicated testing service, read on below.

backflow prevention testing

Backflow prevention testing with Under & Over Plumbing Solutions

What is backflow prevention testing?

In your water supply system, the water will be set to a specific pressure to ensure water can flow from taps and/or your shower. If a problem is to occur, such as a burst pipe, or an overload of the system, your water pressure may decrease, resulting in contaminated water – for example, from the soil – being introduced into your system.

Water supply systems have what is known as a backflow prevention device – or a reduced pressure zone valve – built in to prevent this from happening. Backflow prevention devices must be tested regularly by a qualified plumber with backflow accreditation, such as those employed here at Under & Over Plumbing Solutions, to ensure they are still in working condition. Devices must be tested upon installation and then once at least every 12 months.

Why do I need backflow prevention testing?

By law, if you have a backflow prevention device on your property, it must be registered with the local government and tested as per the conditions above. Regular testing of backflow prevention devices ensure they are working properly and that you, your property’s occupants and your neighbours aren’t consuming potentially harmful water. Our plumbers can take care of all elements of the backflow prevention testing process, from installing and testing the device to submitting a backflow test report.

Under & Over Plumbing – backflow prevention testing

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