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Why do you need to call a blocked drain plumber Sydney?

There are several reasons why a drain can become blocked. One of the most common is plants. It’s no secret that plants tend to seek out water, so it’s not unusual for their roots to grow in the direction of drains and pipes. In addition, drains can fill with leaves and debris, especially after windy weather or during autumn.

Another major problem is foreign objects, travelling through showers, sinks and toilets. Simply by showering, you can send a lot of hair down your drain without realising it and, before you know it, have a blockage on your hands. On top of that, nappies, baby wipes, soap and other toiletries are problematic. Meanwhile, kitchens present the challenges of food, fats and oils. In fact, keeping drains clear at all times is tough for most households and businesses.

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blocked drain plumber sydney

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