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Finding a Gas Fitting Expert for your home or business in Sydney

Because of the highly specialised nature of the use and regulation of gas, you must find the services of a qualified gas fitting specialist. Your gas fitting professional in Sydney will have the skill and knowledge required for all safety regulations for your residential or commercial property needs.

When you need to repair or install gas pipes, appliances, fixtures or check for gas leaks, a qualified Sydney gas fitting expert is a crucial choice. Providing a 24/7 service is also a leading consideration when you choose a local gas fitter in Sydney.

What does a Gas Fitter Do?

Licensed gas fitters in Sydney repair, replace and service natural gas appliances. Installation of cooktops, upright cookers, gas barbeques, and associated equipment in commercial, industrial, and residential will require a qualified gas fitter.

Your qualified gas fitter in Sydney can:
Maintain gas appliances and associated equipment.
Install gas pipes, install gas detection and pressure regulating systems.
Install gas appliance flues and maintain the operation of ancillary equipment and pipes for flue gasses.
Install LPG systems in caravans and boats.
Test pipework for gas appliances, advise customers with the correct maintenance and usage of gas appliances.
Read and interpret plans.

Why do I need a Qualified Gas Fitter?

By keeping your appliances maintained with the appropriate usage (whether electric or gas) is always recommended. Gas fires and explosions are frequently the results of inattention around gas appliances such as faulty gas cookers, heaters, and barbeque gas cylinders. This can result in detrimental and possibly fatal consequences.

Because gas needs to be managed with respect, having a licensed plumber and gasfitter will ensure safe and correctly installed products. Hiring an experienced professional will ensure that their skill and wisdom produce efficient and secure results. Having a qualified gas fitter will assure you that your property and loved ones are safe from damage or injury.

In Australia, a qualified plumber can be a licenced gas fitter. However, a gas fitter can not assist with any plumbing work. They may only work on gas barbeques and other gas appliances. A plumber is not always a gas fitter.

Respectively, there are distinctive differences. Consequently, the importance of finding the appropriate practitioner is vital.

Any gas leak must be attended to immediately.

A leakage in piping or appliances on your property is a potential hazard and having the right professional is imperative. A 24-hour gas fitting plumber will reach your home or business directly.

Because gas pipes run below ground and between walls, gas leaks can be challenging to detect. Only an experienced and qualified professional will be able to uncover the leak and repair it swiftly. Their expertise includes the use of specialised equipment to assist with the identification of any gas leak.

What should I do if I suspect a gas leak?

Signs of a gas leak include:

A distinctive “rotting egg” smell
Dust particles are fanning across the ground where the pipes are installed
Bubbling around wet areas
A hissing noise around the installation area.
Deterioration of any surrounding plants.

Because gas is flammable, a leak can contribute to a fire or an explosion. Natural gas is colourless and odourless, but a chemical ingredient has been added to give a distinctive odour.

If you detect any trace of gas, open your windows, turn off all your gas appliances and the gas meter’s shut-off valve.

If the smell subsides, it may indicate a faulty appliance. Your gas appliance will need to be inspected by a gas fitter as soon as possible.

If there is no change with the odour, then it could be a gas leak. Avoid the use of any electrical devices and remove your family and yourself away from the area. Never use an open flame to find a gas leak. Call an emergency gas fitting plumber immediately.

Choosing Natural Gas for Cooking and Heating

Depending on your requirements, choosing gas for your heating and cooking requirements can be a cost-effective option. Gas can provide you with endless hot water and heating. Selecting a gas cooking top will provide you with almost instant heat and accurate temperature control for optimal efficiency.

Gas is a cost-effective alternative to electricity but can be perilous if not installed by a qualified professional.

Both electricity and gas have safety risks, and both have their dangers.

With gas, your home needs sufficient ventilation to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide building up in your home. In high concentrations, carbon monoxide can cause suffocation, and having an alarm will alert you to any problems.

Because many appliances need less energy to perform than electricity, their impact on the environment is likely to be a positive choice. Therefore, unless you know that your electricity is from a renewable source, gas is an environmentally friendly alternative.

How much is a Gas Fitting Service with Under and Over Plumbing Solutions?

Installing or removing a gas fitting will vary in cost. We specialise in BBQ points, gas cooktops and ovens, indoor-heating, new installations, renewals, leak detection and gas hot water systems. Our outstanding team of plumbers have installed a wide range of gas fittings so you will be reassured of top-quality service.

We provide optimal quality with our service and competitive prices. Our company use the latest technology and skills for maximum safety of your newly equipped gas fitting for your property.

Please call our team today for pricing on your gas fitting.

Why Choose Under and Over Plumbing Solutions?

Our team of plumbers have worked on many gas fitting jobs in Sydney. You will have peace of mind that both you and your property is respected. We will arrive on time, every time which is our guarantee for professional and efficient service.

We will ensure minimal disturbance to your daily activities. Because our team put customer satisfaction first, your property and surroundings will always be left clean and tidy after every gas fitting task.

Do you want to install a gas barbeque, replace gas fittings, renovate a yard, or need existing gas lines relocated? Under and Over Plumbing Solutions will guarantee a safe and secure outcome for any gas fitting task in Sydney.

Our team are versatile, skilled, trustworthy and offer a 24-hour service.

Please get in touch with Under and Over Plumbing Solutions today.

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    Mal was extremely professional, on time, & did a fantastic job. We would very much recommend him for any type of plumbing work. Very reliable & trustworthy!


    02:15 05 Jun 20

    Very impressed with Mal’s service. Was confident over the phone and could tell he knows his trade well. Able to complete the job on short notice and explained what he was doing while he was doing it. Would highly recommend him no question.

    Steven Schlichtemeier
    Steven Schlichtemeier

    11:06 27 May 20

    Mal is always responsive and courteous and does a great job. Great value as well

    Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart

    00:39 25 May 20

    Mal is a down to earth plumber and carpenter.Easy to approach and happy to workout solutions with you when you know you want a particular problem sorted (E.g. storage or height of things, best plumbing options) And you don’t know what will work, he’ll suggest what could work well and give a different perspective, which can be better than the ones you come up with. He’s thoughtful of those with physical disability too.I had installed grab rails, shower seat, and a bathroom cabinet, plus he did some carpenter handyman installation of items for me. Which I couldn’t do because of my disability and my strength and height.He involved me in the process of what works for me.Thank you Mal

    Helen Lupton
    Helen Lupton

    00:07 14 May 20

    Mal was great fixing a gas leak we had. Super quick response, transparent with pricing and quality work. Highly recommended and will use again

    Gee Pac
    Gee Pac

    23:31 30 Apr 20

    I was impressed that Mal came out to us even for a very small job.

    Andrew Porter
    Andrew Porter

    06:48 29 Apr 20

    Friendly, on time and quick to respond to our strata issues. He seemed on the ball and knew what needed to be done.

    nj s
    nj s

    22:48 31 Mar 20

    Punctual, great communication and gets the job done. Would highly recommend!

    Nicole Parsons
    Nicole Parsons

    22:54 25 Feb 20

    Mal was pleasant, upfront and very helpful. Probably went above and beyond to resolve issue of a burst pipe. All you can ask for. Would happily reccomend his services.

    Charbel Tabet
    Charbel Tabet

    09:03 13 Feb 20

    Quick quote, fair price, job done the next day.

    colm flanagan
    colm flanagan

    05:37 30 Jan 20

    Mal was prompt, innovative with his repair and thorough, leaving the bathroom and garden area clean after he finished the job. It’s good to find a reliable plumber.

    Max Durham
    Max Durham

    06:09 23 Oct 19

    I had Mal from Over & Under Plumbing do a job for me today and I have only good things to say about him – he was quick to respond, was on-time, friendly and did the work efficiently and without fuss. As well, no attempt to up-sell me as some other tradies do these days. I’d recommend him if you need a plumber who will look after you.

    brett finch
    brett finch

    10:51 30 Aug 19

    I have been using Mal for few years now. A friendly and pleasant plumber never failed to turn up as promised when i asked him to do plumbing works at my place no matter small or large job. A trustworthy tradesman whom i just need to say any plumbing issues at home and he will do the rest to get it fixed. He has been very helpful also to guide me to other tradespeople when i needed them for jobs other than plumbing.

    Ganeshan Baskaran
    Ganeshan Baskaran

    10:56 26 Mar 19

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