Backflow Prevention Testing

Backflow Prevention for your Commercial Property in Sydney

Sydney commercial and residential properties can experience backflow problems with plumbing systems. Backflow is a common issue that has the potential to be dangerous with severe results from the backflow of water through the plumbing pipework.

With water flowing in the opposite direction, heavy metals and pollutants can enter the water supply unknowingly. A common cause is if your water supply in your commercial property connects to a source of pollution.

It is necessary to acknowledge that backflow occurs when there is a disparity in water pressure. The principle means that the water flow in your plumbing system is greater than the pressure in the delivery main. This can lead to breakages or ruptures to the main water supply. Because the outcome goes unnoticed, over time, this backflow conveys water pollution and chemicals the reverse way into your water system and back into your property.

Back siphonage can occur where pressure builds up at a given source more significant than the pressure in the pipes. As an example, if Sydney Water needs to close off the water main to repair a breakage or leak, there is a potential for water to be siphoned back into the public water supply. Potential backflow means that if appropriate measures are absent, there is a real risk of consuming contaminated water.

Qualified and highly trained specialists manage backflow prevention in commercial properties in Sydney.

They will analyse the situation and provide a real solution for your water system. Ensuring complete safety with your commercial water supply is achieved by installing backflow prevention devices.

Where and when are Backflow Devices Installed?

A backflow prevention device is installed when a concise water system connects with an unsafe or non-potable water system. Careful installation of connection points will prevent backflow. Dishwashers and washing machines are appliances installed with these connections.

Common locations for the fitting of backflow prevention devices include fire sprinkler systems connected to water mains. The pressurised water in the fire suppression system is prevented from flowing into the public water supply.

Backflow devices commonly use one of three elements to prevent the backflow of polluted water. Examples include a valve that allows water to flow in one way only, a break tank or an air gap.

There are severe repercussions with the backflow of water into Sydney’s water supply.  By installing backflow prevention devices by certified professionals, your property will have a safe water supply. Sydney water regulations require that these devices need testing annually.

Commercial Backflow Prevention Testing

A backflow prevention system is a vital component of a water system on properties which include

An Irrigation System
Fire Hose Reels or Hydrants
Machinery connected to the mains
Water outlets close to pollutants or chemicals
An underwater rainwater tank with a mains water backup

A qualified plumber will assess your commercial site’s risk of backflow to work out how to contain it expediently. Water meters smaller than 25 mm already have a backflow device installed. Still, more than 25 mm will require a separate backflow device.

Properties that may also need a backflow device

High-rise buildings
Shopping centres
Car washes and Mechanic workshops
Swimming pools
Sporting ovals and golf courses
Laundries and Drycleaners
Chemical plants
Medical facilities
Veterinary Clinics
Caravan parks
Manufacturing premises

What is backflow prevention testing?

Within your water supply system, the water is set to a specific pressure to ensure water flows from your taps and your shower. Should a problem occur, such as a burst pipe or an increased pressure in the system, contamination may result from the reverse flow.

Commercial water supply systems are installed with a reduced pressure zone valve or backflow prevention device as a preventative measure. The devices will be tested on installation and every 12 months after that.

Only a specialised backflow plumber may install and test the devices.

Many approaches to backflow prevention include:

  • Air gaps and break tanks are checked
  • Double-checking of valves.
  • Testable single checking valves.
  • The examination of valve detector and pressure zone assemblies are also examples of the process.

Why do I need backflow testing?

Backflow prevention testing is essential because it guarantees that your water supply is clean for you and your family.

When you have a backflow prevention device on your property, by law, you need to register this with the local government and test as the device as discussed. Regular testing will ensure that they function correctly and that you, your property’s occupants, and neighbours aren’t consuming potentially contaminated water.

Hazard rating of sources of contamination will decide the backflow prevention device needed. Cross connections get rated as high hazard, medium hazard, and low hazard.

How long does backflow testing take?

Depending on the backflow prevention device, it will take 10 to 30 minutes per mechanism.

How much does backflow prevention cost?

Backflow prevention prices will range depending on the type of device. Please phone Under and Over Plumbing Solutions for a quote.

Under and Over Plumbing Solutions are the experts in Sydney for backflow prevention

When you need a plumbing professional for your commercial property, Under and Over Plumbing Solutions will assist you with finding first-rate methods for backflow prevention. Our company has expert plumbing professionals available for any maintenance and repair work needed. They are extensively trained specialists with comprehensive experience with backflow prevention. They can install, maintain, and repair any backflow device.

We will take care of all certification, essential testing, annual certification and can also lodge testing documentation with your local water authority.

Our Sydney plumbers offer reliable and prompt service for your commercial backflow prevention. We also provide standard and emergency plumbing services, residential and industrial clients. Our Sydney plumbers are fully licenced and insured. We can help provide you with personal and customised plans. Under and Over Plumbing Solutions work is guaranteed, cost-effective and high-quality.

We are available 24 hours, seven days per week for emergency plumbing services. Please get in touch with us today.

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