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Is your kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink in your Northern Beaches home blocked? Need an emergency and reliable plumber as soon as possible? Under and Over Plumbing Solutions are your go-to for all blockages in your plumbing system.

Our licensed and qualified team are fully equipped with the right tools of the trade to ensure that your blocked sink drains are cleared efficiently and correctly without inflicting further damage to the plumbing.

Contact Under & Over Plumbing Solutions today to get that blocked sink drain fixed in no time.


How Do I Know If My Sink Drain is Blocked?

Check out some of the early key signs of a blocked drain that should not be ignored.

Slow Drainage
Perhaps you were washing the dishes in the kitchen and when the plug was pulled, the water was draining far slower than usual. In some cases, the water may come to a complete standstill. Leaving you with a dirty pool of water around your sink. This is a clear indication that there is a blockage causing the water to not pass as quickly or at all.
Unusual Gurgling or Noises
One of the most common tell-tale signs of a blocked sink drain is gurgling. This is due to the air trying to escape or enter the drain.
Foul Smell
This is particularly common in the kitchen due to food waste that may be lurking within your pipes. Over time, the food decomposes and lingers, causing a foul stench to fill your room.
If you have noticed any of the signs above, we suggest calling a professional to come diagnose the situation. In some cases, it may be more serious than expected.

Causes of a Blocked Sink Drain

Blocked sink drains happen frequently and can happen to any household. There are number of factors that contribute to a blocked drain. These include:

Food or Oil & Grease (most commonly present in kitchen sinks)
Grease or oil can become solidified along the inside of the pipe. When food and other non-dissolvable items such as coffee grounds and tea bags travel down the sink, this creates a blockage. We suggest that you prevent such waste from going down the drain and if possible, dispose of it correctly in the garbage bin or compost bin for plant/food waste.
Hair is often lingering around bathroom sink drains. Though, seemingly small at first, hair can begin to bunch up and form large, knotted masses. As it does not degrade, the hair can attract and merge with other debris that may be going down the sink. Before you realise it, a large blockage has formed. We suggest that you clean the sink drain often and where possible, removing hair to prevent it from building up.
Small Non-Dissolvable Objects
Small children’s toys can be mistakenly pushed down the sink when unsupervised. Additionally, other small objects such as cotton swabs or cotton pads that are pushed down the sink may cause a blockage as they do not break down over time. In particular, small objects listed above can create a difficult blockage to remove and you will need the help of a professional plumber.
Tree Roots
This may be the least obvious factor out of the causes listed but it is one of the most serious. Naturally, tree roots search for water and begin making their way to your drainpipes. They find hairline cracks in your pipeline and begin growing inside, becoming larger and eventually, causing a blockage. You will need an experienced plumber like Under and Over Plumbing Solutions to immediately locate the cause of the damage then swiftly remove the problem and repair the damage caused.
There is no job too big or small for us and we are only a call away. Readily available to help you with your blocked sink drain. Contact us now for a quote.

How Do We Fix a Blocked Drain?

At Under & Over Plumbing Solutions, we suggest avoiding any DIY methods or techniques to unclog your sink drain as we have experienced countless cases where individuals have attempted to resolve their plumbing issue only to cause further damage. This damage not only was seen in the pipeline but then, graduated into a structural issue within the walls that resulted in calling other trades to come in. What would have been an easy fix, became an arduous and costly job.

We have the right tools to fix the problem that you would not find in your backyard shed. These include a CCTV camera to investigate the problem and a high-pressure water jet to clear some of the debris to reveal the blockage. From there, we use specific drain clearing equipment to remove and clear the blockage from your sink drain or pipeline.

Additional to our tools, our work is backed by decades of experience to ensure that the work carried out is completed with professionalism, ease and confidence. We understand that sink blockages can be frustrating and affect your daily routine. So that is why, we offer 24/7 emergency services to come out to your home in the Northern Beaches or North Shore to fix any plumbing problem you may be experiencing.


Need your sink blockage fixed now?

Avoid the dreaded pool of water surrounding your bathroom, kitchen and laundry – get your sink fixed today. We have been servicing countless residential and commercial properties in the Northern Beaches and North shore with their plumbing for years. Under and Over Plumbing Solutions are known for being able to resolve scenarios where other plumbers have failed. Check out our five-star reviews if you are not convinced. Our company is built on traditional, hard working values and that is why the locals trust us with fixing their plumbing problems. Consequently, over the years, we have built a long-standing list of clientele that have been return customers.

Contact Under and Over Plumbing Solutions and we will be able to guide you through everything you need to know about your current blockage, whether in your sink, toilet or shower. We’re here to help.


    Mal was extremely professional, on time, & did a fantastic job. We would very much recommend him for any type of plumbing work. Very reliable & trustworthy!


    02:15 05 Jun 20

    Very impressed with Mal’s service. Was confident over the phone and could tell he knows his trade well. Able to complete the job on short notice and explained what he was doing while he was doing it. Would highly recommend him no question.

    Steven Schlichtemeier
    Steven Schlichtemeier

    11:06 27 May 20

    Mal is always responsive and courteous and does a great job. Great value as well

    Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart

    00:39 25 May 20

    Mal is a down to earth plumber and carpenter.Easy to approach and happy to workout solutions with you when you know you want a particular problem sorted (E.g. storage or height of things, best plumbing options) And you don’t know what will work, he’ll suggest what could work well and give a different perspective, which can be better than the ones you come up with. He’s thoughtful of those with physical disability too.I had installed grab rails, shower seat, and a bathroom cabinet, plus he did some carpenter handyman installation of items for me. Which I couldn’t do because of my disability and my strength and height.He involved me in the process of what works for me.Thank you Mal

    Helen Lupton
    Helen Lupton

    00:07 14 May 20

    Mal was great fixing a gas leak we had. Super quick response, transparent with pricing and quality work. Highly recommended and will use again

    Gee Pac
    Gee Pac

    23:31 30 Apr 20

    I was impressed that Mal came out to us even for a very small job.

    Andrew Porter
    Andrew Porter

    06:48 29 Apr 20

    Friendly, on time and quick to respond to our strata issues. He seemed on the ball and knew what needed to be done.

    nj s
    nj s

    22:48 31 Mar 20

    Punctual, great communication and gets the job done. Would highly recommend!

    Nicole Parsons
    Nicole Parsons

    22:54 25 Feb 20

    Mal was pleasant, upfront and very helpful. Probably went above and beyond to resolve issue of a burst pipe. All you can ask for. Would happily reccomend his services.

    Charbel Tabet
    Charbel Tabet

    09:03 13 Feb 20

    Quick quote, fair price, job done the next day.

    colm flanagan
    colm flanagan

    05:37 30 Jan 20

    Mal was prompt, innovative with his repair and thorough, leaving the bathroom and garden area clean after he finished the job. It’s good to find a reliable plumber.

    Max Durham
    Max Durham

    06:09 23 Oct 19

    I had Mal from Over & Under Plumbing do a job for me today and I have only good things to say about him – he was quick to respond, was on-time, friendly and did the work efficiently and without fuss. As well, no attempt to up-sell me as some other tradies do these days. I’d recommend him if you need a plumber who will look after you.

    brett finch
    brett finch

    10:51 30 Aug 19

    I have been using Mal for few years now. A friendly and pleasant plumber never failed to turn up as promised when i asked him to do plumbing works at my place no matter small or large job. A trustworthy tradesman whom i just need to say any plumbing issues at home and he will do the rest to get it fixed. He has been very helpful also to guide me to other tradespeople when i needed them for jobs other than plumbing.

    Ganeshan Baskaran
    Ganeshan Baskaran

    10:56 26 Mar 19

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