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Whether your roof is going through general wear and tear or has copped damage during a wild storm, we provide prompt, reliable and affordable roof repairs in Sydney. Our services cover everything, from clearing blocked gutters to repairing leaks to re-roofing. We work around the clock, 24/7, so, if you’re facing an emergency, all you have to do is call. Our dedicated roof repairs Sydney team will be with you as quickly as possible.

Gutters and downpipes

Cleaning gutters, fitting gutter guards, replacing downpipes… you name it, we can do it. Unsure of what’s causing the problem? We’ll start with a thorough examination and come up with a diagnosis. Should you have any questions along the way, all you have to do is ask.

In many cases, a good clean of your gutters can save a lot of hassle. It’s often the best place to start on roof repairs Sydney. Gutters fill with leaves, twigs and other debris as a matter of course and windy weather can accelerate the process. First, we remove obvious bits and pieces by hand. After that, we use our state-of-the-art blower to make sure that absolutely nothing is left. Working on gutters can be dangerous if you do it yourself, as the risk of falling is high. Leave it to us and you won’t have to worry: we have excellent safety gear, well-trained staff members and comprehensive insurance. Every job we do is informed by stringent observation of occupational health and safety guidelines.

Downpipes can be even trickier to deal with. If yours appear to be blocked, we’ll use our cutting-edge, high-tech equipment to look inside and find out what’s causing the problem. Then, our experienced staff will get on with the clearing process.

Many homeowners opt to have gutter guards installed. Guards offer a range of benefits, such as preventing blockages, reducing rust, minimising maintenance and, for those who live in a high-risk area, protecting against bushfires. We offer a variety of gutter guards, catering to all kinds of budgets and buildings.

Sometimes, both gutters and downpipes need repairs – or even replacing. Once your gutters are clear, we can check them for rust, leaks, rot and damage. If we find any major problems, we’ll take care of repairs and/or replacement as soon as possible. You’ll be impressed with how hard working, efficient and communicative our staff members are.

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Roof Repairs Sydney with Under & Over Plumbing Solutions

Leaks, dampness and rust

Having spent years in the business, there’s hardly a roof problem we haven’t come across. As you can probably imagine, one of the most common requests we get for roof repairs in Sydney is for fixing leaks. It can be tempting to ignore a leak if it seems minor. However, the trouble is that leaks tend to spread, leading to extra damage and expense over time.

Should you notice a leak – whether it’s a tiny dripping or a major flooding – give us a call straight away, any time of day or night. We can sort out most roof repairs in Sydney within 24-48 hours and, in urgent cases, will travel immediately. If the issue is widespread, we’ll take measures to minimise the damage in the short-term and work out a comprehensive repair plan.

Is your roof damp and/or mouldy? This is another problem that shouldn’t be left too long. Dampness and mould can be dangerous for your health, as well as lead to permanent damage of roofing materials. Simply scrubbing the mould away might make your roof look better, but it won’t solve the issue in the long term. It’s crucial to find out what is causing the mould and deal with it. So, if you see spores or notice a persistent, unpleasant smell, get in touch with us. Our roofing experts will get to the bottom of the matter and fix it.

One of the biggest challenges facing metal roofs is rust. We get many rust-related enquiries for roof repairs in Sydney, given that, being so close to the coast, the salty air is problematic. When rust is localised, we can treat it through straightforward repairs. However, if it spreads across the entire roof, then it might be worth considering a replacement. We’ll discuss your options with you, giving you a clear picture of costs and timelines, so you can make an informed decision.

Roofing and re-roofing

Not only do we take care of roof repairs Sydney, we can do the entire roofing or re-roofing job for you. We work in a variety of materials and roof types, including metal, tile, polycarbonate and Colorbond. If you’re not sure which type of roof is best for you, let us organise a consultation. There are several factors to consider, such as budget, location, building regulations and design. Our roofing experts will listen to your needs and concerns and help you to come up with a plan. It’s worth spending time and money on a high-quality roof that will last for decades and keep your home well protected.

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